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Akil Piggott, CEO & Co-Founder

Akil is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy and residency trained Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. With the added insight of over six years of personal training experience, Akil’s vision is to bridge the gap between movement, injury prevention, and sport performance better than it has ever been done before.


Akil's Philosophy: "Young athletes waste a lot of time in the gym. Not because they shouldn't be there, but rather they are not working on areas specific to their needs. And wasted training prevents most athletes from maximizing their potential. Precise, specific, individualized measurement needs to be the foundation that training is built upon. The more people that understand this, the less we will hear of injury epidemics and missed opportunities."  

Travis Pollen, COO & Co-Founder

Travis is a PhD Candidate in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Drexel University, where his research focuses on risk factors for injury in competitive athletes. In addition to his academic activities, Travis works “in the trenches” as a personal trainer, synthesizing exercise science and applying it with his training clients. In 2019 Travis co-authored Speed Training for Hockey, a book and off-ice speed training program.

Travis's Philosophy: “Research shows that it takes well over a decade for new scientific evidence to translate to practice. My mission is to share cutting-edge research in movement science, sports performance, and injury prevention with the general public as the discoveries are made to help athletes minimize their injury risk and maximize their performance.”

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